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This page describes how we use Jira at Deeson.

Creating a project

  1. Click the projects drop down
  2. Click Create project
  3. Click Create with shared configuration
  4. Choose the Deeson Template project to copy the configuration from
  5. Set the name and project key

Steps to create a project

Configure project details

  1. Go into the project and click the cog in the toolbar on the left of the screen
  2. Click Project details
  3. Set the category to specify the pod which owns this project
  4. Make sure you set an avatar for easy project identification!

Configure a project details

Creating a board

A project can have 1 or more boards which are used to organise the tasks.

In the simple case, you will have a single board on the project which contains all the issues in the project.

In the more complex case, you can separate the issues onto different project boards. This is useful, for example, if you have several concurrent projects for the same client or need to manage both a project as well as ongoing maintenance work to the live site.

Creating a simple board

Create a project board

  1. From the Project Board menu (... button) choose Create board
  2. Choose to create a Scrum board if this is a project with sprints or Kanban board for an adhoc support project
  3. Choose Board from an existing project
  4. Give the board a name, e.g. Project board

Creating a complex board


To configure a board, navigate to the project then choose Board and Configure


Add an Awaiting acceptance column and move the statues to match the setup below



Base Swimlanes on Stories

Card layout

Set additional fields on the layout of story cards as below

Card layout


  1. Estimation statistic should be Original time estimate
  2. Time tracking should be Remaining Estimate and Time Spent

Issue detail view

Add Acceptance criteria field to the General Fields

Importing stories

To import a sheet into Jira as a single story with multiple sub tasks you would do the following:


Starting a sprint


Running a sprint


Burndown charts