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HTTP Authentication

Secure passwords are important, everyone knows that, but we only use HTTP auth on our sites to keep accidental link shares and search engines away so we don't need super-secure credentials on these sites. It's much better if we can come up with something that our clients can remember - they'll thank us for it later.

When you're setting a site up, make sure that you do enable HTTP authentication (on Pantheon this is in the control panel, Acquia it's via the Shield module and custom hosting requires a custom solution) for the any non-production URLs. Use these guidelines when setting the auth details:

  • Pick a simple username. The clients name or abbreviation is fine
  • Pick a password that's not easy to guess, but is easy to remember. So a single, random and non-relevant word will be fine. Use something like this: http://preshing.com/20110811/xkcd-password-generator/
  • Use the same username/password combination for all sites owned by one client. (Unless the client doesn't want you to do this)
  • Always try to share pre-authenticated URLs: https://username:password@example.com/some/page