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Pay review


There are two principles behind how we manage pay at Deeson:

  1. Every Deeson team member should be paid fairly for their work as part of the overall package we offer.

  2. We manage salaries carefully to ensure the company remains sustainable, competitive and does not discriminate in the way team members are paid.

We also undertake periodic internal audits to ensure we aren’t inadvertently discriminating in the setting of salaries.

If you feel that we’re not achieving those principles, any team member can request a review of their pay at any time.


To request a review you need to put forward a proposal to the MD. The proposal should include:

  • A rationale for the pay review
  • Evidence for the rationale
  • A summary of your billability over the past twelve months (Harvest is a good place to get this from) or the value you have created through non-billable activities
  • A summary of your professional development goals and achievements (OKRs) over the past twelve months

Your proposal will be reviewed and you’ll get specific feedback on your proposal within two weeks. The things we’ll consider in the assessment of the proposal will include:

  • Your rationale and evidence
  • Market rate salaries for comparable roles (type, location, company)
  • Your performance
  • Your billability
  • Your professional development
  • The company’s performance and budgets