Our purpose.

We want to be a sustainable and thriving company that successfully balances the needs of our clients, team members and shareholders.

And we need to do what it takes to make that happen.

We believe that meaning and purpose at work is a good thing.

We believe that hierarchy is a bad thing and to be avoided wherever possible.

We believe that individual accountability is a good thing but we can only succeed or fail as a team.

We believe our team members know how to do their own job best. We set up just enough processes and goals for teams – then give them the freedom they need to succeed.

We deliberately recruit talented and motivated people who are capable of being results driven, not process driven.

And we’re always thinking about ways that the company can be better centred on our core purpose.

The more we can concentrate on facilitating the achievement of our goals together and not directing how, then all the better for everyone.

In summary, at Deeson it’s about ownership of results, not being told what to do and blindly following processes.

Core values.

Back in 2015, we spoke at length with our team members and clients about what made Deeson different to other agencies and places to work.

From that insight, we developed a set of core values that inform how we do things, our approach to new business, recruitment and selection, and helping with self-development.

We use core values as a way to hold ourselves and others to account in our day-to-day actions.

If we’re not sure how to deal with a particular situation, thinking about the way to proceed with the core values in mind, can be helpful to clarify a way forward.

Our core values are:

  • Be ambitious.
  • Be curious.
  • Be generous.

Here are some examples of how Deeson team members bring these values to life in what they do:

Be ambitious.

Always looking for a better way of doing things.

Learning new techniques, tools and ways of doing things.

Embracing big goals and not being afraid to go for them.

Be curious.

Developers exploring new tools and techniques in Coder Lounge.

Learning a new coding language to prototype something.

Producing bespoke giant artworks in your spare time.

Be generous.

Spending time mentoring inexperienced team members.

Going above and beyond to help a charity or cause.

Putting principles and values into action.

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to know how to put principles and values to use during our day-to-day work.

We ask ourselves six big questions about how we are working, to help make sure the way we're doing things is consistent with our principles and values:

  1. Am I confident that the way I’m working is making our clients happy?
  2. Are the projects I’m working on being delivered successfully?
  3. Am I effectively collaborating with my team and doing what I need to do to allow my colleagues to get their job done?
  4. Are we delivering this project profitably and within the budget?
  5. Am I generating sufficient billable hours?
  6. Am I happy with the quality of my work?

Peer-to-peer feedback is important in helping each other answer the above questions.

If you feel someone is working in a way that makes your life harder, then point this out to them constructively – the onus is on you to give that feedback and them to adapt to make it work.