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Wellness fund

All permanent Deeson employees are entitled to an annual personal £250 wellness fund, which they can spend on improving their health and wellbeing.

Two simple guidelines

  • it should be used on something which you're not already doing
  • it should be used on activities you spend time doing, rather than the equipment you'll be doing it with

Ideas for inspiration:

  • Gym, golf club or swimming/walking/running/yoga club membership
  • Personal training
  • Wellness coach assessment/program
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss group
  • Massage, chiropractor or physiotherapy
  • Counselling or therapy (e.g. CBT)
  • Mental wellness courses (e.g. stress management, meditation or spiritual)
  • Retreats
  • Learning new skills (e.g. healthy cooking classes, creative writing, photography, pottery, knitting, learning to play an instrument)

How to spend your wellness fund:

  • Consult the inspiration list above and choose how you'd like to spend your budget. If you're unsure if it's an eligible activity, please check with your manager.
  • Pay using a company credit card and upload the receipt to Receipt Bank, or pay from your personal account and claim as a normal expense.
  • We are keeping a record of how the team makes use of the wellness fund, so please let Mel R know what you plan to do and when.
  • It would be great to share what you did and what benefits you felt, so please share a short write up with the team on Slack afterwards.

Small print

  • The wellness fund is £250 per calendar year.
  • In a team member's first year with the company, the fund is available on a pro rata basis.