Personal accountability

Clear accountabilities.

Accountability is a key principle in how we get things done at Deeson.

Accountability is about being impeccable with your word – doing what you say and saying what you do.

Accountability is all about making, keeping and answering for your personal and professional commitments.

There should be only one owner for any task in the agency and everyone should understand who owns what.

If everyone is responsible then ultimately no-one is responsible.

There are three things that need to be in place to have long-term accountability in our agency:

  • Expectations – we have to set clear expectations with and amongst teams.

  • Buy-in – team members must be involved in setting the expectations and agree that they are reasonable and achievable.

  • Results – team members need to understand the consequences of success or failure and how their accountability will directly affect the results.

It’s important that every role has clear accountabilities and the Handbook is designed to help with this.

But ultimately, it's every team member's responsibility to know, understand and be confident in doing what it takes to fulfil their own accountabilities.

There will always be people around who are happy to help. But it's every team member's responsibility to ask for that help when they feel they need it.

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