Company engagement

This information is for team members employed by Deeson Group Ltd only.

Because we have flexible working, we have some things that we do to help keep everyone in touch with what's happening in the agency and help us grow as a team.

This page explains more about these things and what they mean for each team member.

The weekly company news

This is a written rundown of the highlights of this week and a look forward to next week. Normally written by the MD, but sometimes guest written by another team member.

Published by 10am every Friday morning on the #things-to-know Slack channel.

The weekly all-company ask me anything (“AMA”) session

This is a video call at 3pm every Friday which is an informal opportunity to chat through the weekly news, ask questions and generally catch-up on the weeks we've had and what's coming up.

Nothing's off limits for conversation, discussion and debate.

The link to the Zoom call is on the calendar invitation.

The weekly office day

This is a day each week where all team members are physically present in the office.

In the Canterbury office we do it on Mondays, while in the London office it's on Wednesdays. The days were decided by a company vote.

The default should be that everyone commits to be there on that day each week, but client or flexible working needs are an ok reason to not be there.

We'd like everyone to be in the office that day, but we don't want to take away the flexibility that we all have if it has to be used that day.

For example if you have an appointment that means you absolutely can't be in the office on the weekly office day, it's fine to be flexible and work from home - but if you have the choice of arranging that appointment for another day, then we’d prefer you chose the other day.

Monthly compulsory all-agency day in Canterbury

This is a day when the whole digital agency (Canterbury and London team members) are physically working together in the Canterbury office.

We finish work at 4pm for a one hour company get-together - this will feature things like show and tell sessions from recent launches, lightning talks on interesting topics, a celebration of achievements for the month and other interesting stuff.

The session will include drinks and snacks.

These days are scheduled at least four weeks in advance so everyone can plan in advance.

Quarterly compulsory all-agency hack day

This is a day when the whole digital agency (Canterbury and London team members) are in the Canterbury office and are not working on client projects.

This is blocked in Forecast for everyone and is an agreed reduction to everyone's billable targets for that week.

If you're working, we expect you to be there. If you're on holiday, you don't have to be there.

We work together in groups on solving interesting challenges - there’s some preparation needed in advance to make sure we get the most of our these sessions.

These days are scheduled at least eight weeks in advance so everyone can plan in advance.

Publishing team members are optional unless specifically involved with hack days (eg where content skills might be vital for an activity that’s planned for the hack day).


We'll do the all-agency day in Canterbury on the months when we're not doing the hack day - so there in total there is always one all-company co-located day in Canterbury per month.

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