Pay review

This section of our Handbook explains how pay for an existing team member can alter, in line with their changing impact on the business.

We take this approach to ensure that sustained improvements in impact score are recognised in pay progression.

The basics.

Pay progression up the pay scale for a team member's current role, will based on the average of the last three impact scores.

To qualify for the pay review, your average impact score over the past three assessments should relate to a salary on the scale that is greater than your current salary.

You must also not have any impact outcomes marked as X (not enough evidence) during the past three assessments.

The review.

During this review, we consider the average impact score, overall billability achieved during the past nine months and any other relevant factors (for example, if significant time has been spent on R&D activities during the period which has meant billability targets have not been met).

This review is undertaken by a Director and Chapter Lead. It happens within 21 days of the request being made.

Subsequent changes to pay, in line with the pay scale and average impact score, would be back-dated to the date of the review request being made.

Things to note.

  • If a team member is paid more than their average impact score then they will not be entitled to ask for a pay review.

  • If a team member is subject to a company disciplinary process, has received any form of disciplinary warning/sanction in the past six months or is subject to formal performance management procedures, they will not be entitled to ask for a pay review.

  • This is a rolling process, so there are four opportunities per year where a team member could ask for a pay review, based on their average impact outcome score over the past nine months.

  • There is a limit of one pay increase per financial year per team member. This limit does not apply to team members in the junior roles within the team.

This information is for team members employed by Deeson Group Ltd.

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