Wellness fund

Wellness fund.

This information is for team members employed by Deeson Group Ltd and Deeson Publishing Ltd.
All permanent Deeson employees are entitled to an annual personal £250 wellness fund, which they can spend on improving their health and wellbeing.
During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic staff can purchase wellness equipment and products to use.

Two simple guidelines.

    It should be used on something which you're not already doing.
    It can be used to purchase products that will either enable you to do an activity at home or will enhance your wellbeing.

Inspiration Ideas during COVID-19.

    Vitamins, herbal supplements and health products
    Aromatherapy products, humidifier
    White noise machine, glow light to aid sleep
    Sun lamp
    Adult colouring book, paints etc
    Equipment for learning a new skill; creative writing, knitting products
    A weighted blanket, memory foam pillow
    Face masks, bath salts, essential oils
    Online wellness courses for stress management, meditation or spiritual
    Online counselling and therapy sessions
    Online yoga, exercise or dance class

How to spend your wellness fund.

    Consult the inspiration list above and choose how you'd like to spend your budget. If you're unsure whether it's an eligible activity, please check with your manager.
    Pay using a company credit card and upload the receipt to Receipt Bank, or pay from your personal account and claim as a normal expense.
    We are keeping a record of how the team makes use of the wellness fund, so please let Hannah S know what you plan to do and when.
    It would be great to share what you did and what benefits you felt, so please share a short write up with the team on Slack afterwards.

Small print.

    The wellness fund is £250 per calendar year.
    In a team member's first year with the company, the fund is available on a pro rata basis.
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