Deeson Handbook

Charity work and volunteering

We believe that it's valuable for team members and their communities to be able to spend some time volunteering for a charity or good cause.
We provide up to three days per calendar year of paid time off to team members who want to do this.

How it works.

  • You must be volunteering for a registered charity or an organisation that operates by comparable principles.
  • You need to let colleagues know what you intend to do and what you actually did. This is to encourage others and give insight. You may be asked to write a blog to illustrate the activity.
  • There are up to three charity days per calendar year per person.
  • For new team members joining Deeson, the three days is applied pro rata in their first year.
  • The activity should be discussed with your line manager in advance and recorded in Bamboo.
This information is for team members employed by Deeson Group Ltd and Deeson Publishing Ltd.