A core belief.

Self-organisation is a fundamental concept in agile project management and the way we work at Deeson.

The Agile Manifesto includes the principle 'The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organising teams'.

We believe that our team members are best placed to decide how they work to deliver the projects we do for our clients.

We have worked hard to set up our agency around this belief and are always looking for new ways to push this principle further.

How does a self-organising project team work?

Our project teams are self-organising. A project team contains specialists in all the core disciplines we need to be able to deliver projects.

Project team members pull work to themselves and don't wait for their Project Lead to assign work. This helps ensure a greater sense of ownership and commitment.

Project teams manage their work (allocation, reallocation, estimation, reestimation, delivery, and rework) as a group.

They still need leadership, mentoring and coaching, but they don't require 'command and control'.

They communicate more with each other, make sure they understand requirements and aren't afraid to ask questions to get their doubts clarified.

They continuously enhance their own skills and recommend innovative ideas and improvements.

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