Mental health

At Deeson, we believe our team’s mental health is as important as their physical health. This is one of the reasons we offer a Wellness fund and why two members of our team are qualified Mental Health First Aiders. Our mental health first aiders are Holly Davis (Head of Delivery) and Mike Davis (Lead Developer).

If you’re not feeling yourself and wish to share what’s going on for you, they’re both more than happy to be approached and meet discreetly for a coffee to listen and support.

If interested, they’ll be able to help signpost you to some professional support, advise on complementary or alternative therapies e.g. meditation, yoga or massage.

If what you’re dealing with is a result of work, we may ask your permission to share this with your line manager as there may be some adjustments we can make to your job or workload to help alleviate the load.

In the majority of cases, what you share with us will remain strictly confidential. However, if after speaking to you we are seriously concerned about your own safety, we will need to disclose this to Sarah Harris (Managing Director) as we have a legal duty of care for all our employees.

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