Impact scoring

An important approach that underpins performance management and reward at Deeson, is how we assess the impact a team member has in their role.

This is on the basis of an evaluation of a team member’s impact against the outcomes in their job scorecard. We have adapted this model from Stack Overflow which uses a similar approach.

These outcomes are the things we expect team members to achieve in their roles, that are important to the business. These outcomes are shown in our job scorecards.

Assessing impact.

In 1:1s at the start of every quarter (Jan, April, July, Oct), we evaluate a team member against the impact outcomes in their job scorecard using the A+++ to C scale.

The scale for the subjectively assessed outcomes is:

  • A+++ – Widely recognised level of amazingness. Does and teaches. When people think of this skill, they think of you (or would if they knew you). This will be rare, even on our amazing team.

  • A+ – Does more than your team expects, even at our high level. Exceptional and noticeable skills.

  • A – Does as expected, at our high standards. Completely, utterly able to accomplish what is needed.

  • B – Could be more awesome. This is a good thing to work on over the next year.

  • C – This falls well short of our expectations and needs to improve significantly.

  • X – We don’t have enough evidence to give you a rating for this outcome right now.

The scale for the billable hours and client satisfaction outcomes is:

  • A – The target set out in the job scorecard has been met.

  • B – The target set out in the job scorecard has not been met.

This evaluation is done independently before the 1:1 by the team member and Chapter Lead. Directors will also review proposed evaluations with Chapter Leads in advance, to ensure fairness across Chapters.

Calculating impact score.

We calculate an impact score using this formula (rounded to nearest 0.25):

((4 x Count(A+++) + 3 x Count(A+) + 2 x Count(A) + 1 x Count(B) + 0 x Count(C) + 0 x Count(X)) / Count(*))

This information is for team members employed by Deeson Group Ltd.

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