Job roles

Roles at Deeson.

This page describes the job roles that we have at Deeson.

First up, a definition before reading this page:

Job roles set expectations for the project, client and company, and ensure someone is covering all the different aspects of what we do. Job roles are defined in terms of 'impacts' in a job scorecard – things that a team member does which make a difference to the business.

In some cases, individuals will perform more than one of the roles on a project. As an individual's career progresses, they are likely to take on more roles. This allows individuals to grow and develop professionally by moving into new areas and working on new skills.

Shared accountabilities.

Here are the specific accountabilities we all share, regardless of our job title and role on any specific project:

  • Your own capacity.

  • Your own capability.

  • Supporting your colleagues.

  • Following company processes.

Roles and scorecards.

At Deeson, each job role has a job scorecard. This sets out what impact we expect a team member to have in a particular role and is used in 1:1s, impact scoring and professional development planning.

The roles and job scorecards are shown below:

Technical Chapter.

Design Chapter.

Delivery Chapter.

Commercial Chapter.

Other roles.

Chapter Lead.

At Deeson, everyone is a member of a Chapter that supports their specialism. The Chapter Lead is a senior role that supervises the development of the Chapter’s approach and skills.

  • Ensuring the quality of Chapter output on client and internal projects.

  • Establishing, sharing and maintaining professional best practice within the Chapter.

  • Promoting thought leadership outside the agency.

  • Encouraging new team members to achieve a successful first year.

  • Ensuring billability of the Chapter.

  • Delivering professional learning and coaching for Chapter members.

  • Acting as the senior expert for complex and tricky problems.

  • Taking responsibility for innovation, R&D and creativity within the Chapter

Dan James is the Chapter Lead for the Technical Chapter.

Holly Davis is the Chapter Lead for the Delivery Chapter (agile project management).

Magali Bourcy is the Chapter Lead for the Commercial Chapter.

Sarah Harris is the Managing Director.

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