Guide to remote meetings

Our best practice guidelines for running remote meetings at Deeson

Principles, the 3 B’s

Be seen and heard

Other attendees can see and hear you clearly.

Be considerate

You’re mindful of not speaking over other people, you champion the experience for remote attendees and you arrive on time.

Be present

You’re not distracted by your devices, other work, or your surroundings. You’re giving the attendees, and meeting, your full attention.

Prep before the call

  • Attend 2 minutes early so you’re ready to start the call promptly

  • Make sure you have a headset that limits background noise or you’re in a quiet place

  • If you’re in a room with other people, use a Jabra microphone instead of relying on laptop's microphone (and ensure this is set up in advance of the meeting start)

  • Snooze your Slack notifications before you join a Zoom call

  • Remove the temptation to do other work by minimising your other screens

  • Make sure you are sat somewhere that is quiet enough for you to hear and contribute to the meeting

  • Test all technology (including camera/video, Wi-Fi, and screen sharing) before the meeting

On the call

  • Wherever possible share your video

  • If you use multiple monitors, put your open Zoom call on the monitor with your camera so you can give eye contact

  • Mute when you’re not speaking

  • Ensure you are on gallery view so that you can see the face of everyone in the meeting

  • Do not use your phone during a meeting and make sure it’s on silent

  • DO NOT DO WORK WHILE ON A MEETING. You think it's not obvious, but it is! Feel free to call people out if you think this is happening in a meeting you’re in

  • If someone is doing a screen share presentation and you wish to speak, use the available Zoom features such as 'raise hand' under the participants list view so the speaker knows to pause

  • Don’t interrupt people whilst they’re speaking

  • Ask participants to rate the meeting at the end of a call to capture timely feedback

If you’re the facilitator

  • Include a Zoom link in your meeting invite

  • If you know multiple people are joining the call, book a meeting room in advance

  • Make sure everyone joins individually via their laptop

  • Where some of the group attendees are co-located, please select a 'remote advocate' who will ensure you have a room and the speaker is set up in advance of the meeting starting

  • Where some of the group are co-located, please ensure you still speak to your laptop, in proximity to the speaker, and avoid the temptation to address just those in the room with you

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