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Conference attendance

We encourage our team members to attend relevant conferences for personal development and to promote our agnecy around the industry.

If you'd like to attend a conference/event, you need to talk this through with your chapter lead.

The things you'll need to talk about include:

  1. Relevance of the conference/event to your role
  2. Significance of the conference in the industry (looking at numbers usually attending and quality of the speakers or past speakers)
  3. Distance from you
  4. Are you assisting with the running of the conference?
  5. Are you speaking at the conference or chairing a session?
  6. Will you be writing a blog post about your experiences within a week of attending?
  7. Will you be providing a presentation to your team about the content of the conference within two weeks of attending?
  8. Can your pod and projects spare you for the days of the conference (this is easier to answer the more notice you give, conferences are usually scheduled 6 months ahead of time)
  9. Do you think that Deeson should be sponsoring the conference?
  10. Have you missed out on conference attendance previously because too many people wanted to go?
  11. What is the cost of the conference to Deeson? Please provide a breakdown including: Cost of transport (approx), cost of accomodation (approx), cost of subsistence (approx), cost of the tickets and the lost revenue if working days will be missed to attend (this should be worked out at the current hourly rate)

The Chapter Lead will consider the merits of conference attendance based on your case. If many people want to attend we may have to limit the total numbers and will take into account if this has happened to you previously. The decision will be made by the Chapter Lead and Tim Deeson, keeper of the Deeson purse.

If accepted Deeson will provide the following:

  1. Paid attendance to 1 or more days (If Deeson is sponsoring the conference then there are usually tickets included in the sponsorship package)
  2. Paid return travel
  3. Accommodation costs for yourself if required depending on the distance required to travel
  4. Costs of evening meal for yourself if staying overnight (this follows the same rules as usual expenses policies around food and drink)

If the conference or conference travel is over a weekend then it is not considered a working day so Deeson does not usually provide time in lieu.

If rejected, Deeson will provide a reason.