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Pay for new starters

We want everyone to be paid fairly and sustainably for their work at Deeson. We want how pay is set and changed to be as transparent as possible.

In January 2018 we introduced a transparent pay structure for all new and existing Deeson team members.

You can see more about the job roles at Deeson here and the current salary scales here.

How starting pay is set

During recruitment we will undertake a theoretical assessment against the outcomes in a job scorecard for a new recruit’s previous experience of performing similar work elsewhere.

This will give an initial impact rating which will determine the starting salary offer we make.

Starting pay will be capped at the equivalent of pay for an impact outcome assessment of 2.

This will not be negotiable as we want to base a starting salary offer on an individual's impact score, not on their ability or willingness to negotiate when they join us.

The company has a standard six month probation period for all new joiners.

Once this period has been completed, team members will be eligible for changes to pay and roles as set out in the handbook (see pay review and promotions)