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The London office

How do I find it?

The London office is room 7.01 on the 7th floor of 1 Pancras Square.

The full address is:

7th floor,
1 Pancras Square,

The internal Deeson office phone is 0203 7145029. This number isn't for clients though as it's not always staffed.

How do I contact reception / security?

Reception: 0203 714 5000 / gridiron@theofficegroup.co.uk
Out of hours emergency: 08432 999 365
Building Manager: Heidi Tagg / heidi@theofficegroup.co.uk / 07392 080 127
Area manager: Ellie Jewitt / ellie@theofficegroup.co.uk / 07467 148 714

How do I get in?

You need an access card and to use the key for the office door. Details are pinned on the #general channel in Slack.

How do I get 24/7 access?

Use your access card to enter the lobby and then the lift for the relevant floor. Building and office reception is 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

What services do reception provide?

They can do copying, printing, postage, catering, network support etc etc. They act as our office managers. Any problems go and see them on the 8th floor.

What meeting rooms are there that we can pay to book?

Yes - details are here: www.theofficegroup.co.uk/locations/gridiron/.

You can make a booking by emailing gridiron@theofficegroup.co.uk.

Catering for meetings needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

How do I make drinks?

There is tea and coffee pods in the drawers in our office. Milk is free to use from the fridges. Kitchen has a boiling water / chilled water tap, microwave etc.

For boiling water, press the small ‘safety’ button as you push down the ‘boiling’ lever

If we run out of tea etc then buy some and expense it. Reception can charge more coffee pods to our account.

Is there bike storage and showers?

Yes, ask 8th floor reception.

How do I connect to the wifi?

Wifi access codes are pinned in the #general channel on Slack.